Learning Outcome

Embrace BIM with Correct Understanding

This course is the first module of the Accreditied BIM Education. You are able to understand and explain some key factor of BIM including: -BIM Concept -BIM Standards and Policy -BIM Software and Open BIM Strategy -BIM Technology and its Trend Welcome to join this course to be the first page of your BIM journey.

Who should attend?

You are....

  • A professional in AEC industry, need to catch up BIM to fufill job requirement

  • What to know more about B

  • My job have a BIM education requirement, such as CCBM or CCBC

Course Objectives

Once the course completed, You are able to ...

  • Explain and present the definition of BIM

  • Understand How BIM Standard works

  • Matching BIM Uses and BIM software choices

  • Recent Technology that support BIM

Course Outline

    1. BIM Concepts, BIM Level Explaination, Value of BIM

    2. P1 Worksheet

    3. P1 Workshop: Revit & Autodesk Viewer as a BIM Tour

    1. BIM Policy and Standards

    2. BIM Software

    3. BIM Technology

    4. P2 Worksheet

    5. P2 Workshop: Navisworks & BIM 360 as an end-user

    1. Complete the Quiz and get your Certificate in 60 marks or above.

About this course

  • $800.00
  • 9 個課堂
  • 6 小時的短片內容

About this Course

  • Certificate of Completion

    Complete the course and get your certificate by complete the quiz in the last lesson.

  • Systems requirement?

    For the best experience, we suggest you can run this course with a Windows computer, install Revit 2022 or above, internet connection with latest browser.

  • Support

    You are welcome to take the course online, or join the face to face version when required.

Online/Face to Face?

You can choose your preferred learning mode, any you can swap to face to face training anytime by top up the different.