Course Objectives

This is the core module of the course: Professional Cerificate in BIM Coordination. This platform is the video learning and review portal. You are required to join the whole course by face to face mode in order to gradurate from the CCBC course.

Course Outline....

You will learn...

    1. 01-01-Why BIM Coordinator

    2. 01-02-BIM Strategy

    3. 01-03-BIM Use-Outcome-Goal

    4. 01-04-BIM Use-CIC

    5. 01-05-BIM Documents

    6. R1 Workshop: Digest and Execute BEP or BIM Standard

    1. 02-01-BEP to PIM

    2. R2 Workshop: Prepare PIM comply with BEP and BIM Standard

    3. R2 Part 2

    4. R2 Part 3

    5. R2 Part 4

    6. R2 Part 5

    1. 03-01-3D Coordination

    2. 03-02-3D Coordination

    3. R3-1

    4. R3-2

    5. R3-3

    1. 04-01-4D Simulation

    2. R4-1

    3. R4-2

    4. R4-3

    1. 05-Design Review

    2. R5-1

    3. R5-2

    1. 06-Drawing Production

    2. R6-1

    3. R6-2

About this course

  • 28 個課堂
  • 17 小時的短片內容

About this Course

  • Graduate requirement

    This online course should bundle with face to face training in order to get graduate.

  • Course Requirement

    You should have: Windows PC | Revit 2022 with interoperational Tools installed | DiRoots One | BIM Vision | Design Review | Latest Web Browser

  • Support

    You will be asked to join the face to face training and your full support will bundle with it.

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